VNV Nation Judgement Tour with And One Review

And One opened to a crowded house at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. They declared the club "German Territory" and immediately began proving their claim with an energetic and enthusiastic set. The band was made up two keyboardists and the singer, with drums being piped in from a track offstage. I was immediately impressed with lead singer Steve Naghavi's vocal ability. About a quarter of their set was in German, which I liked. Mine is so rusty, I could barely tell what they were saying, but sometimes that's less distracting and I can enjoy the music more when I'm not trying to figure out lyrics. All in all, a good performance. They claimed they wanted to headline next time through the city. I would certainly go to that show.

VNV Nation put on an excellent show as well. Ronan really takes tons of liberties with the vocals, which is certainly interesting to listen to, but makes singing along much harder. He also talks. A lot. At the end of the show, he wouldn't stop, but it was endearing. They played my favorite songs, Epicenter, Chrome, Genesis. The crowd was actually the worst part of the performance. I don't know if it's a problem with the venue, but I could hear people talking the entire time. One couple behind me didn't stop talking the entire show. Who does that? Pays $20 for a ticket to something and then talks the entire time? It was infuriating. The show was definitely worth it, regardless.