IN TRANSIT: Covenent Concert Tour CD and DVD Release Dates Plus Screening Information

Again, feel lucky if you're in or around Deutschland as you have an opportunity to attend a screening of Covenant's Concert DVD, IN TRANSIT. I feel bad for doubleposting Covenant news, but it's totally not my fault they have it goin' on.

IN TRANSIT: Release Dates
The IN TRANSIT DVD will be released in two editions:

In North America Metropolis Records will release a 1-DVD edition and the Live CD separately. Release date: October 23.

In Europa and the rest of the world Synthetic Symphony and partners will release a 2-DVD/Audio CD boxed set. Release date in Germany is October 19 and everywhere else on October 22

IN TRANSIT: Screening Nights
At the following locations screening nights for IN TRANSIT will be arranged:

19. Okt - Zollamt, Stuttgart
19. Okt - Essigfabrik, Köln

20. Okt - Druckkammer, Koblenz
20. Okt - Top Act, Zapfendorf
20. Okt - Halle 2, Hanau

26. Okt - Nightlife - Aachen

27. Okt - Tivoli - Bremen
27. Okt - Labor, Hannover
27. Okt - Kir, Hamburg
27. Okt - Millennium, München
27. Okt - K17, Berlin
27. Okt - Alter Schlachthof, Dresden