Iris Opens Official Forum

So head on over to Iris' site and get your internets on.

Dependent Records Closing Shop

German Record Label Dependent Records is closing their doors. The label's manager, Stefan Herwig, spells out the reasons for the label closing and they are grim indeed. It's easy to say record companies have nothing to lose when people download music for free. I've said it myself. This shows the other side in stark detail. I wish them all the best... and I just bought this. You should too.

Assemblage 23 Preorder Begins

Preorders have begun for Assemblage 23's first single, Binary, off their upcoming album Meta. The single will be released March 20th and can be had for the low price of $5.98 USD. I'm very much looking forward to this one.

VNV Nation Announces Supporting Act

From the mouth of Ronan himself:

I thought this deserved it's own blog entry.

The bands that will be coming with us on the Judgement Tour this year are ... *opens golden envelope*

North American Tour - And One
European tour - Imperative Reaction

The additional support for the European Tour will be "Modulate". This is a band that Tom Gold in Tampa introduced me to that I have been raving about for the last 6 months. Check them out at MySpace

I saw Imperative Reaction when they came through town with Covenant. I like some of their songs quite a bit, particularly "Giving In To The Change." The crowd didn't get into them so much, though. I felt a little bad for them. I don't know anything about And One. They are German... so they probably rock the house with precision.

VNV Nation Judgement Tour 2007 Information Posted

VNV Nation gave some hints about their upcoming touring that should begin this spring, as well as details about their new album. Click Read More to see the full date listings. Enjoy!

European Tour (Parts 1 and 2)

Part 1 of the tour starts in Frankfurt on March 21st and ends in Hamburg on April 1st. Part 2 runs during the middle 2 weeks of May.

The main support act on the European tour will be Imperative Reaction who were the support act on our North American tour in 2005. We're looking forward to going on the road with them again. There will be one other support act which will be confirmed shortly.

JUDGEMENT TOUR 2007 - Europe (Part 1)

21 Mar 07 - Germany : Frankfurt, Batschkapp
22 Mar 07 - Germany : Duisburg, Pulp
23 Mar 07 - Germany : Erfurt, Gewerkschaftshaus
24 Mar 07 - Germany : Dresden, Strasse E
26 Mar 07 - Germany : Köln, Live Music Hall
27 Mar 07 - Belgium : Antwerp, Hof Ter Lo
29 Mar 07 - Germany : Berlin, Postbahnhof
30 Mar 07 - Germany : Leipzig, Anker
31 Mar 07 - Germany : Magdeburg, Factory
01 Apr 07 - Germany : Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit

JUDGEMENT TOUR 2007 - Europe (Part 2)

05 May 07 - Spain : Barcelona, Sala Bikini  read more »

Colony 5 Annouces Album Release Plans

According to Colony 5's site, "The plan is for at least one single release in early spring (perhaps in different media) and an entire album before summer. It may be adjusted to an autumn release but we would rather not. What is important is the quality though, so we will work on it until we are 100% satisfied but we will keep you posted regularly" and I'll try and keep the info posted here. Different media could mean an electronic release only, perhaps?

Apoptygma Berzerk Releases Two New Albums

Two new albums hit the shelves on December 1st from Apoptygma Berzerk. Sonic Diary is a two disc compilation of covers AB has done over the years, while Cambodia is a five track EP.

Assemblage 23 Store Sale!

Assemblage 23 is having a little sale at their online store on clothing and some album bundles. I bought one of their sweatshirts that I'm very fond of. Check it out!

Seabound's Double-Crosser is Ichiban!

Seabound announced today they have clawed their way to the top of Germany's alternative music charts with their new album Double Crosser. Congratulations, fellows!

Seabound's Double-Crosser reaches #2 chart position in Germany

According to Seabound's own site, their album, Double-Crosser has reached #2 in the alternative charts in Germany. German radio must be really fantastic to listen to, I suspect, if people there actually enjoy this type of thing.

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