Iris Tickets Purchased

I couldn't resist the chance to see Iris live this year so I bought tickets to their only scheduled US performance in lovely, scenic Madison, Wisoconsin. The details are below. Let me know if any of you are going as well and I'll buy you a drink!

Reverence 2007 - Madison, Wisconsin - July 25-28 -

Tickets available in June. $30 for all 4 days, $15/$17 for Friday only.

Wednesday 25th @ Inferno - The Gothsicles / The Dark Clan / Beta Virus

Thursday 26th @ Inferno - Sensuous Enemy / Stochastic Theory / Mindfluxfuneral

Friday 27th @ High Noon Saloon (18+) - Bella Morte / Iris / Claire Voyant / Parasite Twin

Saturday 28th @ Inferno (21+) - Stromkern / Null Device / I:Scintilla / Caustic / Filament 38 / Prometheus Burning / CTRLSHFT vs ENDIF

VNV Nation Judgement Tour with And One Review

And One opened to a crowded house at Ground Zero in Minneapolis. They declared the club "German Territory" and immediately began proving their claim with an energetic and enthusiastic set. The band was made up two keyboardists and the singer, with drums being piped in from a track offstage. I was immediately impressed with lead singer Steve Naghavi's vocal ability. About a quarter of their set was in German, which I liked. Mine is so rusty, I could barely tell what they were saying, but sometimes that's less distracting and I can enjoy the music more when I'm not trying to figure out lyrics. All in all, a good performance. They claimed they wanted to headline next time through the city. I would certainly go to that show.  read more »

Assemblage 23 Meta Review and Binary Single Review

I will stress that I'm not a music reviewer. I'm a listener, so yeah. Take this all for what that's worth. I'm not even sure I possess the vocabulary needed to do a job like this. Forgive me, for I know not what I do.

So I really like both of these very much. Meta first.


Vocal styles vary considerably throughout the album, which is impressive. You get guttural on Raw to distant and strained on Madman's Dream and all are used to excellent effect. The choruses are all catchy, and well crafted. One thing I like most about A23 is the understandable lyrics and they didn't fail me on this release. Production value is very high, and everything sounds very well polished and put together. Very deliberate. My only complaint, and I think this may just be personal preference, is on some of the tracks such as Sorry (One of my favorites from the album) I wish the vocal track was a little louder compared to the music. Not a big deal at all, honestly.

Some standouts:

Decades: During the first bridge on this one, it just lifts up. I love it.  read more »

Reviews Galore

I wrote a lovely review for A23's Meta, but lost it while changing browser windows. I win at the internets today. I'll have to give it another shot. I also will be seeing VNV Nation and And One perform tonight, so I'll give a little show recap soonly as well. Stay tuned.

Assemblage 23 Meta Review and Binary Single Review Forthcoming

I just got my grubby mits on Assemblage 23's two most recent releases, their full length album, Meta, and the single for Binary off the same album. Initial impression: very positive.

Listen to Futurepopolis' Pandora Station

You can now enjoy Futurepoplis Radio on Pandora. The site station is a little new so some strangeness may slip in from time to time, but that's how they keep things interesting.

Seabound Live Tour Dates Announced

I wish they had made it to the US with Covenant. Here are where lucky people can see them:

"On 25 May they will perform together with Dismantled, Rotersand, and Pride and Fall in Amstelveen (NL) at P60.

On 27 May the band will play a show at the 16th WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN in Leipzig."

Covenant Released New European Live Tour Dates

14.04.2007 Megacenter RU-Kaliningrad
15.04.2007 Gorod RU-Moskau
17.04.2007 Ibiza Club RU-Volgograd
18.04.2007 Machine Head RU-Saratov
19.04.2007 Aura RU-Samara
20.04.2007 Dinamic RU-Ufa
21.04.2007 PV RU-Ekaterinburg
23.04.2007 Kapkan RU-Novosibirsk
25.04.2007 New Star RU-Perm
27.04.2007 Red Club RU-St. Petersburg
19.06.2007 La Trastienda RA-Buenos Aires
22.06.2007 Blondie Club RCH-Santiago
23.06.2007 Club Niza PE-Lima
28.07.2007 Expo Hall B-Waregem
10.08.2007 Tivoli NL-Utrecht
25.08.2007 Kastanienplatz D-Rostock
14.12.2007 Sala Heineken E-Madrid
15.12.2007 Sala Bikini E-Barcelona

The Power of the Slacker Music Service Compels Me

I just read about and started trying the streaming/satellite based music service called Slacker. It seems pretty slick so far, a lot like Pandora but with more far-reaching plans. They have designs to release a portable satellite and wi-fi based player to stream your content... and they claim this can be free as long as you suffer a little advertising. We'll see how that pans out. You can listen to my current Slacker playlist and give it a shot.

UPDATE: So I've been listening to it for a while and their playlist/selection seems to be very limited. Pandora, they are not. Admittedly, they are fresh out of the gate, so there's lots of room for improvement. I like where they are going, I just wish Pandora went there instead.

Assemblage 23 Releases Clips from Upcoming Album Meta

From Assemblage 23's website: "Soundclips from every track on A23's upcoming album "Meta" can now be found in the "Listen" section! Pre-orders will be available through the Assemblage 23 Online Store on March 24th. (Pre-orders for "Binary" are already being accepted there...) As with the single, the album pre-orders will ship a full week ahead of the official release date and can be signed on request. More new A23 merch will also go up on the site at the end of March including two cool new t-shirts, a new sticker, and a beautiful poster!"

I very well may wet myself in anticipation. The poster is already available in their merch section and it's lookin' soooo good. The fact that they will sign the stuff you buy on their online store is most impressive.

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