IN TRANSIT: Covenent Concert Tour CD and DVD Release Dates Plus Screening Information

Again, feel lucky if you're in or around Deutschland as you have an opportunity to attend a screening of Covenant's Concert DVD, IN TRANSIT. I feel bad for doubleposting Covenant news, but it's totally not my fault they have it goin' on.

IN TRANSIT: Release Dates
The IN TRANSIT DVD will be released in two editions:

In North America Metropolis Records will release a 1-DVD edition and the Live CD separately. Release date: October 23.

In Europa and the rest of the world Synthetic Symphony and partners will release a 2-DVD/Audio CD boxed set. Release date in Germany is October 19 and everywhere else on October 22

IN TRANSIT: Screening Nights
At the following locations screening nights for IN TRANSIT will be arranged:

19. Okt - Zollamt, Stuttgart
19. Okt - Essigfabrik, Köln

20. Okt - Druckkammer, Koblenz
20. Okt - Top Act, Zapfendorf
20. Okt - Halle 2, Hanau

26. Okt - Nightlife - Aachen

27. Okt - Tivoli - Bremen
27. Okt - Labor, Hannover
27. Okt - Kir, Hamburg
27. Okt - Millennium, München
27. Okt - K17, Berlin
27. Okt - Alter Schlachthof, Dresden

Covenant Tour Dates Update

Covenant has posted an updated list of their European shows remaining this lovely year. Some cities have changed since previously reported, so please be advised.

07.10.2007 Electric Ballroom GB-London
06.12.2007 Das Boot Cruise S-Stockholm
14.12.2007 Sala Heineken E-Madrid
15.12.2007 Sala Bikini E-Barcelona

Colony 5 Progress Update

C5 released the following update about their upcoming album's progress:

"Sorry for not updating the news so often, and ironically it's because we have too much news :)
What we can tell you so far is that the title is pretty much set, and what song we will release as a single is also decided. Furthermore the design of borth the album and single is all but finished. What we're doing right now is finishing up the production of the last few songs, and P-O is recording the lyrics on the few left unrecorded.
We have also been in contact with different merchandising companies, merch is something that we are almost famous for not having so there will hopefully be a change there.
We will have more specific news for you next month, and soundbites will start to appear soon also. Keep the faith, mates!"

I predict their merchandise will be super sexy considering the aesthetic of their website. Here's to hoping I'll have a cool addition or two for my meager wardrobe.

Assemblage 23 Tour Venue Changes

Here are a couple updated venues for A23's upcoming tour. To say I'm excited about this tour would be a major understatement.

El Paso Venue Change
Yet another venue has closed its doors, so we have had to move the El Paso show originally scheduled to be at Lucky Devil's. The show will now be held at Chic's located at 9809 Montana Ave.
El Paso, TX. All other details remain the same.

Tulsa Oklahoma Venue and Line-Up Change
Mooch & Burn, the venue originally listed for A23's upcoming Tulsa show has announced it is closing, so the show has been moved to a new venue. The new venue is Blue Dome, 311 E. 2nd St. in Downtown Tulsa. The good news about this is that instead of being a 21+ show, the show is now ALL AGES! Additionally, Echoing Green has replaced Provision as one of the support acts.

Imperative Reaction Tour Dates

I just heard Imperative Reaction was coming to my neck of the woods soonly and thought I'd check their site to find the details. It seems they didn't have their tour information on their official website, only their MySpace page which I find just completely wonky. Here they are, posted for your convenience.

Aug 24 2007 El Corazon Seattle, Washington
Aug 25 2007 TBA Boise, Idaho
Aug 26 2007 The Avalon Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 28 2007 Oriental Theater Denver, Colorado
Aug 29 2007 Grand Emporium Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 30 2007 Ground Zero Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug 31 2007 Miramar Theater Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sep 1 2007 Metro Chicago, Illinois
Sep 2 2007 St. Andrews Hall Detroit, Michigan
Sep 3 2007 TBA Indianapolis, Indiana
Sep 4 2007 Funhaus Toronto, Ontario
Sep 5 2007 Cafe Campus Montreal, Quebec
Sep 6 2007 Axis Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 7 2007 TBA New York, New York
Sep 8 2007 Troqadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sep 9 2007 Rock & Roll Hotel Washington DC, Washington DC
Sep 10 2007 Outland Columbus, Ohio
Sep 11 2007 Code Blue Nashville, Tennessee
Sep 12 2007 Amos's Charlotte, North Carolina  read more »

Additional Seabound Live Dates Announced

Seabound has announced a handful of additional live dates before they claim they will "cease their live activities for some time." More dates should be forthcoming soon, but don't hold your breath. I'm very sad they couldn't manage to get on the ticket when Covenant rolled through the States. Now, it looks like a our chance of seeing them any time soon is slim to none. Good on you Germans and Brits! I'll wait patiently.

09/29/07 London UK - Slimelight
10/05/07 Braunschweig GER - Jolly Joker
10/06/07 Berlin GER - K17
10/12/07 Saarbrücken GER - Roxy

Apoptygma Berzerk Tour Dates

Someone came here looking for these dates and I didn't have them posted at the time. Well, here they are now!

14.07.2007 Sweden Arvika Arvika Festivalen 2007
22.07.2007 Cologne Orkus Open Air 2007
20.10.2007 Spain Barcelona Sala Bikini
21.10.2007 Spain Madrid Heineken Hall

Iris Video

I'm all excited to see Iris in a couple weeks, so to share this enthusiasm, here's a video of them performing the song Imposter. The video's creator, NastyByte, provided me with additional details. She writes:

This was filmed at Nation in Washington DC. right before it was destroyed. I was extremely upset about this shoot because Iris was put on a little sidestage that had poles in front of it, and then to top that off, an image was projected behind their set promoting a soon-to-be-extinct event! So the whole video became mostly close-ups of Reagan - with the extreme close-up being his eye...

Colony 5 Album to be Released in October

As written on their website:

Cheers mates,
rain is sweeping the nation and houses are evicted, roads closed and things are just lovely. So we're storming ahead with production, we are confident that we will keep our deadline. There ought to be an album out come october, fingers crossed.
More info next week, keep checking back!

Let's hope they don't get swept into a fjord before they can finish. Best of luck, lads. I'm eagerly anticipating this one.

Assemblage 23 Tour Dates Announced

Here they are. There's a European leg and a North American leg. Come hell or high water, I'll be at the Madison show. Dates are as follows:

• Friday, August 10th - Summer Darkness Festival in the Netherlands

• Saturday, August 11th - Mera Luna Festival in Germany

• Tuesday, August 14th - Oslo, Norway @ Maiden

• Wednesday, August 15th - Berlin, Germany @ the Knaack Club

• Friday, August 17th - Barcelona, Spain @ Apolo 2

• Saturday, August 18th - London, England @ Electrowerkz

• Sunday, August 19th - Zürich, Switzerland @ Dynamo

North America  read more »

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