Colony 5 Progress Update

C5 released the following update about their upcoming album's progress:

"Sorry for not updating the news so often, and ironically it's because we have too much news :)
What we can tell you so far is that the title is pretty much set, and what song we will release as a single is also decided. Furthermore the design of borth the album and single is all but finished. What we're doing right now is finishing up the production of the last few songs, and P-O is recording the lyrics on the few left unrecorded.
We have also been in contact with different merchandising companies, merch is something that we are almost famous for not having so there will hopefully be a change there.
We will have more specific news for you next month, and soundbites will start to appear soon also. Keep the faith, mates!"

I predict their merchandise will be super sexy considering the aesthetic of their website. Here's to hoping I'll have a cool addition or two for my meager wardrobe.