Assemblage 23 Tour Venue Changes

Here are a couple updated venues for A23's upcoming tour. To say I'm excited about this tour would be a major understatement.

El Paso Venue Change
Yet another venue has closed its doors, so we have had to move the El Paso show originally scheduled to be at Lucky Devil's. The show will now be held at Chic's located at 9809 Montana Ave.
El Paso, TX. All other details remain the same.

Tulsa Oklahoma Venue and Line-Up Change
Mooch & Burn, the venue originally listed for A23's upcoming Tulsa show has announced it is closing, so the show has been moved to a new venue. The new venue is Blue Dome, 311 E. 2nd St. in Downtown Tulsa. The good news about this is that instead of being a 21+ show, the show is now ALL AGES! Additionally, Echoing Green has replaced Provision as one of the support acts.