Assemblage 23 Releases Clips from Upcoming Album Meta

From Assemblage 23's website: "Soundclips from every track on A23's upcoming album "Meta" can now be found in the "Listen" section! Pre-orders will be available through the Assemblage 23 Online Store on March 24th. (Pre-orders for "Binary" are already being accepted there...) As with the single, the album pre-orders will ship a full week ahead of the official release date and can be signed on request. More new A23 merch will also go up on the site at the end of March including two cool new t-shirts, a new sticker, and a beautiful poster!"

I very well may wet myself in anticipation. The poster is already available in their merch section and it's lookin' soooo good. The fact that they will sign the stuff you buy on their online store is most impressive.