Assemblage 23 Meta Tour Review

Assemblage 23 performed in Madison, WI on Oct. 14th so I decided to drag myself out to see the show. Things started on a bad note, literally, when Tom Shear began singing. He was a very hoarse sounding, but that thankfully disappeared completely as the show progressed. Tom was backed by a keyboardist and a drummer, with a bulk of the music being prepackaged, which I sort of expected. I was most looking forward to hearing Madman's Dream off of the new album and I was pleased they performed it. The older songs were almost always remixes, which I really appreciated. Dirt was performed, which I didn't expect at all and totally loved. Tom's performance was energetic and very sincere, reminding me of Ronan Harris from VNV. It could also be their matching hairstyles. Another thing that impressed me was Tom's view of encores, which matches mine perfectly. Instead of leaving the stage and making people clap for 10 minutes like monkeys, he just asked if we wanted some more songs and played them. I wish every band worked like that. It's so much more efficient. I would definitely see them perform again. The crowd was totally into it and that made the experience that much more enjoyable.