Assemblage 23 Meta Review and Binary Single Review

I will stress that I'm not a music reviewer. I'm a listener, so yeah. Take this all for what that's worth. I'm not even sure I possess the vocabulary needed to do a job like this. Forgive me, for I know not what I do.

So I really like both of these very much. Meta first.


Vocal styles vary considerably throughout the album, which is impressive. You get guttural on Raw to distant and strained on Madman's Dream and all are used to excellent effect. The choruses are all catchy, and well crafted. One thing I like most about A23 is the understandable lyrics and they didn't fail me on this release. Production value is very high, and everything sounds very well polished and put together. Very deliberate. My only complaint, and I think this may just be personal preference, is on some of the tracks such as Sorry (One of my favorites from the album) I wish the vocal track was a little louder compared to the music. Not a big deal at all, honestly.

Some standouts:

Decades: During the first bridge on this one, it just lifts up. I love it.

Sorry: I loop this sucker all day. Maybe it's because it just has some personal meaning to me, but I can't get enough of this one. I'd love to hear a harsher, darker remix.

Madman's Dream: Some of the vocals give me chills, which is always a good sign.

Binary Single

This single is worth the price of admission just for the track Binary [Nerve Filter Dub]. The use of parts of the vocals all chopped up is simply captivating. I can't get enough of this track. It's another looper. Dirt makes me want to drive very fast and hard with it's hard, pounding rhythm. I can imagine this getting a lot of floorplay in some of the darker clubs.

Final Throughts
Buy both. They are excellent and well worth it. Get them directly from Assemblage 23's store and you can get them signed for free because he is such a man among men.