23db Records Signs Burikusu!!!

As posted on Assemblage 23's site:
"23db Records, the independent electronic music label run by Assemblage 23's Tom Shear, is proud to announce the addition of Sweden's Burikusu!!! to the label's roster. The band will release their debut album, entitled 2080, on 23db Records later this fall as both a physical CD and via digital distribution."

I first learned of Burikusu!!! on a myspace posting by backandtotheleft (also on 23db Records before they went kaput) but have been hooked since. Their music doesn't really sound like anything else out there, in a wonderful way. This is pretty much the best possible scenario as I love Tom Shear's production work. Expect 2080 to punch you in the face repeatedly with its complete awesomeness. Until then, we're stuck looping the tracks they have posted on Burikusu!!! Myspace

UPDATE: Rejoice, as posted on Burikusu's Myspace on Sept. 13th:

"Hey People!
The album will come out in mid november, a more accurate releasedate will come up as soon as we know!

Symmetry is virtue!"